La Renaissance Jewelry

About Us

Mario started the jewelry trade in 1958 in Istanbul, Turkey.  The young Armenian began as all apprentices traditionally do, sweeping floors and watching master jewelers work hard at their craft.  Mario showed promise and after a few years he achieved the level of head apprentice. His masters taught him specialized skills of hand engraving, carving and filigree design.  In 1971, at age 25, Mario left Istanbul and ventured to America, without being able to speak the American language, and with only $400 in his pocket.  He worked long hours as a manufacturing jeweler in Carmel Valley, California.  By 1975 Mario had enough money to start his own business, La Renaissance Jewelry, on Delores Street in Carmel, California.

Bryan was born in Monterey and grew up in Orange county.  While in Southern California Bryan found employment in the aerospace industry, and was sent for education in engineering and metallurgy.  Bryan quickly learned how to operate and program many of the machines, and soon found himself as one of the youngest lead crewman to run an areospace department.  He enjoyed the technology and machine work, but eventually found the job entailed high stress and long, tedious hours. In 2001 he came back to the Monterey Peninsula for a visit with his father who knew Mario Agacanian.  Bryan showed up at Mario's jewelry store and told him about the rings he had created with the machinery at the areospace company.  Bryan found himself struck with the inspiration to design jewelry.  After chatting with Mario about this discovery they came to the conclusion that this could be creative union of artisans.

Come into our beautiful Dolores Street jewelry store and see what Bryan and Mario have for you!